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Psalm 70.

“Yet I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God.
You are my help and my deliverer; O Lord to not delay.” (v5 NIV)

A short while ago I was reading the biography of a great man of God. Through the devotionals he wrote in his lifetime, I found him to be a man of prayer and great conviction of God’s message. In his book I saw the extent of his prayer life. He spoke of times when he spent all night praying and seeking God. I felt quite inadequate. I have never done that. I have spent an hour or so praying, but never all night. I felt I must be very poor in my faith and should be spending more time in prayer. But life has always prevented that. Raising children has certainly prevented me from spending that time in prayer. Back then I would pray while awake at times during the night. Later I would take the dog for a walk and pray for that blessed hour I walked the dog. These days there are so many demands on my time I cannot stay awake to pray, despite my best intentions.
So I felt very inadequate and worried I was not spending enough time in prayer and was falling away from faith. I tried to spend time praying and fell asleep. I felt I should be making time to kneel next to the bed and pray and keep that brain awake.
With those thoughts in mind I moved through the next day feeling quite down about all the busyness in my life and how it was encroaching on my time with God. I was feeling really miserable.
Into those moments of misery God spoke. He reminded me we each have a different path and mine is not the path of that man. He sent friends to speak to me and encourage me. He whispered “patience” to me. He reminded me of the need to find a place of stillness within me and stop all the rushing about. He reminded me of verse 4 of this psalm that says that all who seek God rejoice and are glad in God.
He knows when we seek Him. He does not demand we give more than we are able. He does not want us to measure ourselves against others. We all have our own unique journey and our own way God gives us to spend time with Him.
We are poor and needy and God does come to us. He helps us and has delivered us and His timing is perfect. As we seek Him, in the best way we can, we are able to rejoice in His salvation and exalt Him.
And we are able to stop comparing ourselves to others.

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