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Luke 18:35-43
There is a lot in this passage. There is the faith of the blind man that led to him having the confidence to call on Jesus and the trust to believe Jesus would restore his sight. There is also his gratitude and the fact that, having received his sight, he immediately followed Jesus singing praises to Him. This is all beautiful.
What I am focusing on from this passage is not beautiful. It is sad. It is about how people in the crowd, those who presumably shared a belief in Jesus, were keen to shut the man down as he called on Jesus. It led me to wonder about the difficulties Christians place in the path of those who are seeking Jesus.
I have observed people wanting to be the experts in front of those questioning. With the result that the questioner was made to feel small and totally inadequate, not worthy of Jesus’ love.
I have observed people holding those new in faith back from speaking out in prayer because they “don’t know the correct words to pray”. Huh? What correct words are there? God is not interested in fancy phrases. He wants what comes directly out of your heart. The simplest prayer is the most beautiful music to God because it is from the heart.
I have observed people instructing those enthusiastic in their new faith to be quiet and not speak out their joy, or ask their questions. Talk about smothering faith before it has been born!
I have observed people cringing at the embarrassment of an outward show of faith and rushing to remove the person from embarrassing public view. Where is the witness in hiding that person’s light under a bushel? Never forget if you are embarrassed to show your faith in Jesus, He will be embarrassed of you on Judgement Day.
Instead of shushing the happy new believer, we need to join them in praising God for His wonderful gifts. We need to praise Him for what He has given us. We need to be like the blind beggar, full of wonder, joy and praise at God’s greatness. We need to dance for joy, shout aloud our overwhelming happiness at God’s great gifts. We need to follow with no thought of self, or of how it may look. Because all that matters is how God sees our actions. And how He sees them is as the most beautiful picture ever taken.

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