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Matthew 26:57-68
I have included this reference because it shows a different type of following. This is the start of Peter’s famous three denials of Jesus. This is more of a how not to follow Jesus, but how you may well find yourself following Him. We need to be honest. Most of us would not have the courage to always stand up for Jesus. Perhaps it may be when your life is in danger. Or it may be when your friends are mocking those who believe and you don’t feel courageous enough to speak up. The reality is we will all fail Jesus at some stage in our walk following Him.
I know I sometimes don’t have the courage to speak up with people I don’t know well but I have often wondered whether I would be prepared to speak up if I risked being killed for my faith. Years ago, friends of mine were missionaries in Indonesia, at a time when there was a lot of anti Christian sentiment in the community in which they lived. There was an incident where a bus was stopped and those who professed to be Christian were pulled off the bus and killed. Would I have the courage to stand up and profess my faith under such circumstances?
Corrie ten Boom wrote about an argument she once had with her sister about telling the truth. The sister said you must always speak the truth and Corrie insisted that sometimes a lie was needed to protect people. At the time they were hiding Jewish people in their homes during the Nazi occupation of their homeland and the debate was whether to admit they housed Jewish people if asked by the Nazis. Some time after, German soldiers came to the sister’s house. They asked her if the woman living in the house with them was a Jew. The sister said yes. Although the young woman was arrested, she was later miraculously freed. Corrie’s sister had stuck to her faith in God that He would look after the woman and she was freed.
I remember reading about a hijacking many years ago when the Moslem hijackers insisted the people on the plane reject Jesus and profess faith in Allah. Some of the people did. I am not sure if I could have done that. To reject Jesus would be like rejecting my life, because He is my life. Without Jesus there is no life. Could I have the faith of Corrie ten Boom’s sister and answer honestly? If I did, would God preserve my life, or would He instead give me the strength to face death?
Jesus’ response to the Jewish council is in direct contrast with Peter’s denials. Jesus answered honestly that he was the Christ, the Son of God. The price He paid for his honesty was to be accused of blasphemy. Imagine accusing God of blasphemy! I would like to have seen these men when they reached the end of their lives and stood before God and saw Jesus there. They punished Jesus for honestly professing who He was. If Jesus could be honest, then we can ask Him for the strength to be honest too.

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