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Matthew 8:18-22
One of the big buzz phrases of this current age is “pursue life”. It is usually accompanied by images of people pursuing hedonistic pleasures or searching through novel and different religions to find the elusive “life”. Here in these verses, Jesus tells his followers to pursue life.
There are two men who say they want to follow Jesus. One is a religious man. Jesus looks at his heart and tells him that Jesus has no home, and his followers will have no home either. He realises this man is not ready to give up the security of his current life to follow Jesus. The other man tells Jesus he wants to follow Jesus but first must attend to his father’s wishes (were apparently were to remain at home following his father’s desires for his life) and would follow Jesus once his father had died and he had buried him. Jesus’ response was to direct the man to follow Him. His business in this world was life, not death. To get life he needed to follow Jesus.
It is easy to forget that this busy life we lead is not about all the trappings of work, family, friends, church leaders, or other commitments. Life is about following Jesus. We are told the Bible tells us to do what our parents tell us, to do what our husband tells us, to do what the church leaders tell us. But that is not what the Bible tells us and here is Jesus speaking plainly to a prospective follower. We are to follow Jesus, because life is found in Jesus. Death is found when we take other paths that lead away from Jesus.
Be careful to follow the narrow path to Jesus. Be careful as you seek to follow that narrow path that it is Jesus you are following, not work, family, friends, church leaders or other commitments. Only with Jesus will you find life and only with Jesus will you truly follow Him.

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