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Deuteronomy 17:14-20
This passage is ostensibly about the Israelites reaching a time when they want a leader. God cautions them to make their leader one whom God chooses. This is very important. Because God knew the leader the people needed.
God instructed that the king not be a foreigner. This leader was to be one from among the Israelites. This leader was to remain in Israel and not seek to return to Egypt. He was also not to be like the Pharaohs and their abusive regime.
The leader was not to amass wealth or take on many wives, especially from other countries, because those things and those people would lead him astray and away from God. This is what happened with Solomon. Everything that God instructed the leader not to do is what Solomon did. What God was instructing here was what Jesus spoke of in Matthew 6:19-21, 24. It is not possible to serve two masters. The leader can serve God or the wealth, wives, power and so on, that he has amassed.
It was essential the leader knew God and followed Him. To aid in this, the leader was instructed to write for himself a copy of the law and read it daily so that he may learn to reverence and fear God. So that he may follow God. As part of following God it was essential the leader not consider himself better than the humblest citizen. The leader was also not to change the law and make up his own version of what it is to follow God. His reward for following God would be a long reign for him and his descendants.
You may say this is a lovely instruction and what a shame Solomon did not follow that. But what does it have to do with us now? It has a lot to do with us now. It applies to every one of us. It applies to leaders of countries, to leaders of organisations, to leaders in churches and to us in our daily life.
Our focus in life should be to remember God is our God. In following God we should not make amassing wealth and influence as an essential thing to do. Instead we should see following God as essential. There is a verse in Proverbs that sums this up beautifully. It says:
“Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread or I may have too much and disown you.” (Proverbs 30:7-9)
Do not seek wealth. Do not seek subterfuge or lies to get on in life. Instead seek to be honest and trust God for just what you need. Beware, because if you have too much you are likely to become caught up in that wealth. You will come to rely on it, not God. In time you are likely to forget that God gave it to you. And you will place your wealth and your own power ahead of God.
Be careful to keep God in your mind. As you travel through life you will meet many people who do not believe in God or Jesus. They may believe in other faiths. Accept their beliefs as their own and witness to them when and if God instructs you to do so. Never hide your own faith unless God instructs you to do so. Make sure you are not seduced by their faith to turn away from God. Always spend time with God, refreshing your relationship with Him. Put your relationship with Him ahead of that with others.
Remember not to consider yourself better then others. Humility is important for the follower of God.
Read your Bible daily and prayerfully consider it. Seek God frequently. Make following Him, through Jesus, the path for your life.
A leader should also heed these instructions and it is sad when they do not. But we should also heed these instructions despite what our leaders do.
You are responsible for your decisions. Other people are responsible for theirs. Seek to follow God as closely as you can, despite what others do.

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