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What is a world like where God is no longer honoured?
We live in such a world. Leaders ignore God or subscribe to a mere religious observance demonstrated by their ungodly actions. As verse 14 relates, if a king judges the poor with fairness his throne will always be secure. But political leaders today are more concerned with party policies, honouring their financial backers and staying in power. In most western countries, the gap between the poor and rich is widening dangerously. Political leaders today cannot guarantee a long time in office because there is no justice for the poor. And God has a deep concern for the poor.
In such a world we see children not taught healthy boundaries. Acts of aggression, as seen by an increase in road rage and an increase in assaults, are the result of lack of self control. We do not need to beat our children or be harsh and punitive. We also do not need to pander to their every whim. We need to give them healthy boundaries based on their developmental stage and to teach them to always consider the effect their actions have on others and to think before acting.
We see a time when there is much injustice in the world and little hope for justice. The wicked appear to thrive, which means sin thrives also. But a day will come when those who are righteous will see the wicked cast down.
Those of us who follow Jesus need to be ready to demonstrate in our lives the true God, not the harsh punitive god many politicians demonstrate. Not the harsh god many legalists demonstrate. But the true love of Jesus. May the people know that God does require a certain standard of behaviour from us. But He loves us and seeks our good and He will not judge us yet. When people do not know the true God, then ‘anything goes’.
Self control is an important skill for all those who love Jesus to learn. We need to stop and think before acting. No speaking in haste. No rushing to express anger in an unhelpful way. No putting pride before humility.
In this age where people have swapped love of self for God we need to be wary of putting the need to please others ahead of our love for God.
We need to pray to God. We need to hand over to Him all our concerns and let Him deal with them. God is a God of justice. When we pray constantly and seek to follow Jesus then God will be honoured.

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