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29:4- 13
Leadership, flattery, sin, justice, mockers, scoffers who rage, hatred of integrity, undisciplined anger, listening to lies. What a list. These are the domain of the fool.
First we see the difference between a wise leader and a foolish leader. The wise leader gives his country stability, but the foolish leader, who is greedy, tears his country down. Sadly, more leaders seem to prefer money and power than wisdom. Then there are the leaders who prefer to listen to lies and flattery. Such willingness to hear lies will lead to the corruption of the entire government.
Then there is the flatterer who seeks to control others. The wise person realises the danger and avoids them. The fool is taken in by it then realises too late the trap set for him.
The sinner will eventually be caught by his own sin. It may seem to take a long time, but it will happen. The righteous person can take heart that God sees and rewards the righteous.
Justice has always been something that has been denied by the evil. In their greed they put their own needs first and happily exploit those under them while the righteous care about justice. It is disheartening in this world to see how much injustice exists. Leaders who manipulate the media to stay in power. Companies who pay their directors handsomely while their employees cannot afford to live on the pittance they are given. Supposedly wealthy countries who deny basic medical care to their poor citizens. Refugees, the ones God told us to love and look after, left languishing in camps or locked in facilities while the wealthy nations refuse to take them. The worker unfairly dismissed by a bullying boss who gets away with it. I could go on, but I will stop there. Nothing makes me sadder than the injustice of this world. My only consolation is God’s promise that those who deny justice will be punished.
In this world of self-seeking leaders, manipulative flatterers, sinners and the unjust we also see the mockers. They will mock all that is good. They will stir up those whose eyes are not fixed on Jesus and cause dissension. The mocker is often complacent and very self-satisfied. His sense of his own superiority and cleverness is immense. But in God’s eyes he is a fool. The wise person will bring peace and calm to those the mocker stirs up.
Similarly, the fool will stir up trouble, will destroy himself with rage and intrigues, and deny others peace. Such fools exist everywhere in this world. It is sad to see their futility.
Mockers and scoffers hate those with integrity and seek to destroy such people with their behaviour. Stand firm in God and trust Him. Seek Him for strength, because God understands their behaviour and He will guard your way.
In all things seek to control your anger. Direct it into controlled responses not unhelpful reactions. It is okay to express your anger, but in a controlled way. Remember, God will not look kindly on the one who uses her anger to hurt others, verbally or physically. The wise person will seek God first. The fool will either give vent to uncontrolled anger or will seek to suppress others he has wronged.
Remember, those fools who abuse their power and care nothing for anyone else, especially the poor, have received from God the same sight given by Him to the poor. We are all equal in God’s eyes.

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