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This is my first blog of 2018. I have been away from the blog for a few weeks. I really needed time away and God blessed my family and me with a beautiful holiday in an isolated beach community in North Queensland. Now that I am back and refreshed I am looking forward to what God will lead me through in 2018.
This verse is particularly apt as a start up for the new year. The one who loves wisdom will bring great joy to his/her parents but the one who prefers prostitutes and a life squandering money will not.
Over the past few months there has been a lot of news time around the world given to stories of male actors who have sexually harassed women. Some of those accused protested their innocence and were backed up by colleagues. Others just had more people come forward to accuse them as well.
Last night I was discussing this with a friend and we wondered if these men were more concerned with the wisdom of steady relationships and less concerned with quick fix hedonistic pleasure, whether they would find themselves in this situation.
Just as the world is quick to suspect a man with a child is a paedophile, even when he isn’t, the world is just as quick to suspect a man with a woman as a sexual abuser. The guilty deserve to be caught and the ones who sought consensual sex? They deserve to be exonerated. Of course, there are unlikely to be trials of these men, other than in the media, and we will never hear if these claims are true or not. The mud has been thrown and it will stick.
So maybe the wisdom for these men lies in seeking steady relationships and being more concerned with building relationships with others than rushing to have sex. Perhaps that is the wiser way to go. Avoiding damaging scandals causes a lot less harm to a person’s career, reputation, relationships and family.
And the foolish? Well they are the ones who seek to have casual relationships with others and risk later being accused of sexual harassment. When it is a case of his word against hers who will people believe?
There are many ways in life that the world tells us are okay to be, but those ways are not always wise and can lead to unforeseen repercussions. Be careful to consider the consequences of your actions. The wise person pauses and asks God before proceeding. The foolish person charges ahead with no thought for the consequences.

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