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There are many lessons contained in these verses.
In this world the wise know to work diligently because they know you have to sow in order to reap. Diligence in righteousness allows them to live a blameless life and such a life brings blessing on them and their children.
The wise know that God expects them to honestly resolve differences. They are not to pretend conflict is not there or seek to manipulate others to push it away. They obediently acknowledge the differences and seek to resolve them. They search themselves to understand the motivation behind their behaviour. They know motives can be hidden deep and be hard to find. In finding their motives they seek to bring them into obedience with God.
The wise know it is much easier to profess Godly attitudes than to live them. And they earnestly seek to live them. They understand no person is sinless, that we all need Jesus’ blood to give us life. When they negotiate with others they are honest and don’t resort to putting the other person down to get an unfair advantage. They know that this behaviour angers God. In the same way the wise know not to set double standards on people’s behaviour, judging some more harshly than others. They know God detests such discrimination.
The wise rejoice in the knowledge that God gives us ears to hear and eyes to see. They resolve to see as God sees and hear as He hears.
The wise know the true value of wisdom. That it is not measured by the standards of the world where material things are given greater honour than service to God. They know we are measured by God and He values wisdom more than material possessions.
The wise heed the lessons and seek to live their lives according to these principles. This is the walk of the wise.

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