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In a world where money is god. Where getting your selfie on social media is god. Where having a house your friends will be jealous of is god. There is a terrible emptiness.
We have a place in our spirit that only God can fill and it is being left empty by turning away from God to worship the emptiness of this world.
So People seek to fill that emptiness with other things.
People have always sought to follow the ‘easy’ path. Not wanting to rely on God, not wanting to obey. Wanting to do their own thing. They walk away from the very one who gives them true freedom. They one who fills the emptiness. The only one who matters.
Instead they fill that terrible emptiness with alcohol and recreational drug use. Drinking to excess. Drinking so much that all memory of the evening is obliterated. Drinking until they say and do stupid, embarrassing things. Drinking until the aggression takes over and they get into fights.
All these are mentioned in this verse. Those who are led astray by the mocking and brawling alcohol are foolish. Underlying the foolish action is the foolishness of rejecting God and seeking instead to fill the emptiness with alcohol instead of God.
The wise know the only cure for emptiness is God. How many generations of young people will be lost to the emptiness of binge drinking and recreational drug use before people turn to God? What are we as Christians doing to demonstrate the greatness of God, the desirability of following Him? What are we doing to demonstrate the great joy of knowing God?
It is time Christians stepped out of judgement, and harshness, or bowing to the god of social media and outdoing the Joneses, into the light of true faith and joy in God. It is time we showed the desirability of following Jesus. And it is time we prayed for the lost in love.

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