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I apologise for not posting a blog last Saturday. It was not planned, nor was it possible to write a blog then or in the succeeding days. I am learning to listen to God and when He told me to take a break for a week, then I did. And it was hard to do.

There are some things in life we inherit from earthly relatives.
Other things God gives us.
That is life.
And life is also about being attentive to living according to God. Not what fellow human beings say we must do. But what God says.
Sometimes doing what God says involves doing something others don’t agree with. But remember, God’s instructions are about God. The opposition is about self.
So seek to obey God’s instructions. Loan your wealth to God and He will pay it back in full.
When feeling anger, respond, don’t react. Seek to pause before you react automatically to the anger. Uncontrolled anger hurts others. Pause and seek God and our anger will be directed to His plans.
Be humble and teachable. Seek God’s will.
Never forget, the deepest need of every man is unfailing love. But no other man can give that love.
Only God can give unfailing love. Don’t lose sight of that. Never lose hope in His unfailing love.
In life you will be asked to do many things by others. In your desire to be noticed, loved, accepted, the temptation is to say yes. But pause. Is that what God wants? But it is a wonderful opportunity! God must want me to take it. But He is saying no. How can that be? If you don’t accept His no ask yourself what god you are serving. Is it the god of self, of independence, of not trusting God? If you seek help from others when God is asking you to wait on Him, which god are you serving? Have you forgotten your faith in God?
Follow Him. Serve Him. He is the one who holds the words of eternal life (John 6:68). Without Him you are stumbling in terrifying darkness, being buffeted by terrible winds.
The love you seek can only be found in Jesus Christ. And that love flows over. Abundantly. It is yours. Just ask Him.

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