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Again the reader is encouraged to listen and accept wise teaching. The repetition emphasises the importance of the teaching. The teaching is aimed at teaching the listener skilful and Godly wisdom. The Amplified Bible translates this as insight into the ways and purposes of God. What a lovely description of wisdom!
Godly wisdom guides you in the way of wisdom and keeps your path going straight to God. On that path you do not stumble in darkness, because Jesus is the light that guides you.
Godly wisdom is precious, the most precious commodity there is. Guard it well. Godly wisdom gives life. Do not walk away from it along the path away from God.
If you walk the walk of the righteous, those who possess Godly wisdom, your path will be like the dawn then light starts to seep across the sky. And as you continue along that path, it will become lighter and lighter. You will not stumble because you can see where to put your feet and the rising light will be beautiful to see.
The path of the wicked, in contrast, is one of total darkness. Not even stars light the sky. It is just complete blackness. Stifling and cloying. The one on that path falls over and has no idea what it was they stumbled on.
We tend to perceive the lit path of Godly wisdom as meaning we can see clearly ahead. But that is not so. The lit path only needs to be light enough for us to see where to put our feet for the next step. And as it grows brighter, to see to lead others on the path as well.

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