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Here is some sound advice for the reader of Proverbs.
Those with Godly wisdom help those they can and do not withhold good from them. Likewise, the wise give their neighbours what they need when they need it, not some other time. The wise also choose not to plan evil against another person or pick a fight with someone who has not harmed them.
When a person had Godly wisdom, they are not jealous of the unscrupulous and do not seek to copy their behaviour. Instead the wise honour God with their behaviour.
The wise know God curses the home of the wicked and blesses the home of the righteous.
The wise possess Godly wisdom. Such people inherit glory. The evil inherit only shame.
The wise know this promise is for the future. In this life they may watch the evil prospering and not coming to judgement for their actions. But the wise know that day of reckoning will come.
The wise person is not perfect. But they know they can, with God’s help, aim to live the life of those with Godly wisdom.

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