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Revelation 10:1-11
A mighty angel comes, one who has a rainbow for a halo, straddles the earth and sea and carries a little scroll. Unlike the previous scrolls, this one’s contents are to remain secret. Thunder comes after the angel speaks, a symbol of divine punishment and judgement. What the thunder said was not to be disclosed by John. The time for hearing those words has not yet come. In verse 9 John is instructed to eat the scroll, which will taste sweet in his mouth and curdle in his stomach. This is a parallel to Ezekiel 2:8-3:3. The words are to be taken in and studied. The end is sweet and wonderful, but what is to come before that is not so pleasant. John is instructed to prophesy, although he is by now old and imprisoned on Patmos.
The prophesy of Revelation was not given to him merely to gratify his own curiosity or give him a sense of pleasure or pain at what was to come but to be communicated by him to the world. We have to be careful that we do not turn words from God into something to serve us, but instead revere those words as from God and give them respect, not seeking self but God and His glory. If God gives you a prophesy and people ignore it, do not worry or be upset. If people reject God’s word given by you it is not you they reject, but God and they will have to deal with God.
God identified to John that he was to take on the role of prophet, despite his advanced age and imprisonment. After this prophesy he writes Revelation and probably the Gospel of John. His gospel has a more advanced theology than the other gospels, perhaps as a result of the revelations given to him.
There is much understanding to be gained from these two books and also much to not understand, especially in Revelation. The meaning of Revelation is unclear and that is deliberately so. We understand that God has a plan. We understand that the culmination of that plan will involve judgement and the end of this earth. The culmination of God’s plan will involve persecution and judgement. The meaning of some parts of Revelation will be revealed in God’s time, just as His judgement will come in His time. We cannot ignore the fact that judgement will come, but we cannot know when or exactly how it will be. What we must do is stand firm in our faith, trust God and know that His glory will be revealed to all the world at that time.


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