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Revelation 9:1-21
This chapter is the first two trumpet blasts mentioned at the end of chapter 8. These lead to two events. The first is a star falling to earth that holds the key to the Abyss. This is long considered to be the dwelling place of satan and all demons. The key signifies that evil is under the control of God and can only act when He allows it. After the fifth trumpet blast the demons come out of the abyss as locusts with scorpion powers. Some commentators see this as a literal event and others see this as symbolic. The locusts are not allowed to harm anything on earth but humans who do not have the seal of God on them. They have no power to kill, just torment to the point where they will long to die but will not be able to. This torment is to last 5 months. Is this literal or symbolic? I do not know and no one does. The understanding of the apocalyptic writings has been lost. There are many who try to interpret the meanings but do we need to understand exactly what they mean?
The sixth trumpet blast results in the mighty angels mentioned in 7:1 being released from the four corners of the earth. They are to kill a third of mankind with fire smoke and sulphur. Again, is this literal or symbolic?
In considering this chapter I was directed to Psalm 69. This is a powerful psalm of a persecuted servant crying to God for deliverance. But he has to wait until the appointed time. God’s justice will come, but it is in His time and that time is the right time.
What I see in chapter 9 is the message that God will judge the people of the earth. All the earth, both physical and spiritual aspects, are under God’s control, even the powers of evil. God will direct those carrying out his judgements to do only what He allows. If you read the Old Testament there are many references to judgement coming on the people with the intention that this will lead to repentance. (A good example of this is Numbers 14 where the people are judged by God and some are killed. The rest repent. The judgement is on events that happened as far back of Exodus 32:34 when the people made a golden calf because Moses was in the Lord’s presence for too long.)
In time all will face judgement. And all are expected to repent. Yet we see in 20 and 21 that the people of the earth still do not repent. They continue to worship demons and idols made by human hands. They continue to murder, practice occult magic, be sexually immoral and steal. The judgements have not led to repentance. This means there will be more judgements. These are the end times and the time for judgement is running out.


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