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Revelation 6:1-17
In this chapter Jesus opens the seals and the coming Judgement of God is announced. We cannot totally understand the symbolism of what is written but this is what it describes:
The first four seals reveal riders on different horses. Zechariah 1:8-17 and 6:1-8 also describe these horses. It is worthwhile reading these verses in Zechariah.
The first horse is white, symbolising conquest. Psalm 45:4-5 speaks of riding forth victoriously in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness. You must let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies and let the nations fall beneath your feet. There is much discussion on what this means, and some believe the rider of this horse is Jesus. This horse will overcome the nations apparently as a preparation for judgement.
The second horse is red, symbolising war and bloodshed. This horse will take the peace from the earth and men will slaughter each other. This has an echo in Mark 13:7-8 which talks of the times approaching the end where there will be wars and men killing each other.
The third horse is black and symbolises famine. Its rider carries scales in his hand. There are many opinions on what the symbolism means, but the important message here appears to be that famine will occur and the severity of that famine will be suggested by the amount of food available for each person. The amounts listed in these verses are inadequate to meet the daily needs of an adult.
The next horse is pale, symbolising death. Death rides the horse and is closely followed by Hades (the realm of the dead). This horse will come with authority to kill a quarter of all the people on earth through violence, starvation, diseases and predation. What is the purpose of this? It appears to be a judgement on the earth.
The fifth seal reveals those who have died for the gospel of Jesus. These are the martyrs waiting to be avenged and praying to God asking when it will happen. It is a good reminder for all of us that persecution we face, especially when it results in death, will not go unpunished. A good encouragement for us as we move through life.
The sixth seal reveals the destruction of the physical earth. There will be earthquakes, eclipses of the sun and moon and stars will fall from the sky. This is seen to herald the second coming of Jesus. Isaiah 34:1-4 gives a good description of this.
The people of the earth will hide from God’s judgement. (See Isaiah 2:10, 19-21 for a description of this). The verses end with the question “Who can stand it?”
The answer is that the Ekklesia need not fear the judgement because God will protect them. We will be judged but the payment for our sins has already been made by Jesus.
It is important to note Mark 13. Jesus warns the disciples to be wary of ones who seek to deceive them. He warns that many will come in His name and claim they are Him or from Him. We will see wars but that does not mean the end is immediately imminent. The day of judgement will take as long as it needs to come. We will see wars, many and numerous and we will face persecution for a long time. But one thing Jesus wanted us to know (22-26) No one knows when the day of judgement will come. It will come unexpectedly. So we are to resist the temptation to predict its coming or seek for the signs. Revelation is extremely unclear and that is deliberate. We are to know a time is coming but it is not our place to know when. We are to continue in our faith and focus on submitting to Jesus and putting ourselves aside in favour of Him. Whatever happens in the world does not affect our walk with Jesus. Our relationship with God through Jesus is what matters and will be our saving grace on the day of Judgement. So forget about predicting the end times or physically preparing for them! Spiritually prepare for them instead and you will not be caught unprepared when that time comes.


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