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Matthew 11:20-24
In these verses, Jesus reproaches the cities where He performed His greatest miracles. These cities were witness to great evidence of God and of who Jesus is, yet these cities resisted the call to repentance. Jesus condemns them, saying that if the people of Sodom had witnessed the “deeds of power” performed by Jesus they would not have been destroyed. This is the accent of heartbroken condemnation.
The Greek word used to describe what is often translated as “woe” means sorrowful pity as well as angry. Jesus was sad and angry. His anger did not come from feeling insulted at being disregarded, it came from the sorrow of having offered people something precious and seeing them not respond. This is the holy anger that drew God to act on several occasions in the Old Testament and continues to draw God to act today.
These cities had been privileged to be visited by Jesus and be witness to His mighty acts. They saw God and were given an opportunity to accept Him, yet they resisted. Anyone who has seen God and rejected Him is condemned. These cities had been blessed with the opportunity to see the living God and were not prepared to accept the responsibilities and obligations that living in God involves.
The people were also indifferent. They happily accepted Jesus’ miracles and did not drive Him away. But they also were happy just to not notice or remark on what He did. This is echoed in the attitude of many to Christianity today. The multitudes live with no desire to destroy Christianity. After all, without Christianity there would be no excuse for Easter Eggs or Christmas celebrations. There is also no desire to follow Jesus. There is just total indifference and a belief that “everything will be alright, I have been a good person”. In this atmosphere it is virtually impossible for the number of those who follow Jesus to grow. And do not think that your church membership means you are not one of the indifferent. Many people attending churches do not burn to reach out to those who do not know Jesus. Nor do they bother to open their Bible’s and read them daily. There is no delight in God’s word. Likewise they do not bother to pray. They go to church on Sunday and live every other moment with the same indifference that their non-believing neighbours have.
In these verses, Jesus is identifying another sin. It is the same sin referred to in Revelation 3:1-6 when Jesus accuses the assembly in Sardis of being “lukewarm” or indifferent. I saw a lovely quotation once that said that doing nothing was not “refusing to take sides”. The mouse being trodden on by the elephant does not consider you sitting nearby doing nothing to mean you refuse to support the elephant, because in fact that is what your indifference is doing. When you fail to make a choice, by default you support that which benefits from your refusal to do anything. If you fail to act on the call to follow Jesus then you are rejecting Jesus. If you fail to spend time every day reading the Bible, praying, seeking more of Jesus in your life and obeying His directions regarding your actions, then you are indifferent and you are condemned.

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