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In my last blog I talked about how we can take offense and cause trouble for ourselves, as well as sinning against God. I felt it was necessary to clarify this. When I say we should not take offense, I do not mean we should allow other people to do terrible things to us and never take them to task for that. Our Christian walk does not involve being doormats. There are many in churches who, in the interests of maintaining the peace, will pressure a person to put up with bad behaviour by others. Nowhere in the Bible are we told it is OK to accept being treated badly. Jesus accepting His place at the cross and the early Christians accepting martyrdom are different to a Christian being pressured to accept abuse or bad treatment from another Christian. My rule of thumb when someone does something that hurts me is to ask God what I should do about it. Sometimes He instructs me to hand it to Him, and others I hand it to Him and He instructs me to take action. The main point is for us to be willing to leave things in God’s hands, if that is what He has asked us to do, and to choose to forgive.
Our walk with God is always about making choices. We choose to follow Jesus, we choose to pray, we choose to read the Bible, we choose to not take offense, we choose to take responsibility for our actions, and we choose to forgive others.

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