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John 19:17-27
In the previous blog I mentioned that Pilate had bowed to crowd pressure and crucified Jesus. I commented that Peter had repented of his fear and became great. Pilate never appears to have done much more with his life. However, one thing he did do was to put a sign above Jesus declaring Him the King of the Jews. It is pretty obvious he was touched by Jesus, just not enough to come to faith in Him.
Under the cross a further confirmation of Jesus was taking place. In fulfilment of the scripture (Psalm 22:18) that the Messiah’s clothes were divided up by casting lots.
All the little signs should have been noticed by those who knew the scripture. A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus so we do not fall for those peddling false doctrines. At the cross those who knew God well and read the scriptures should have seen all those signs and responded to them. The people who did this should have been the teachers of the laws, but they did not believe in Jesus. This says a lot about their level of relationship with God.
In a personal action, Jesus looked at his mother and handed care of her to John. In all his suffering, Jesus looked to the needs of those He loved.

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John 18:28-19:16
John, in his gospel, does not spend as long as the other gospels talking about Jesus’ suffering at the hands of the authorities. His aim in writing this gospel is more about Jesus teaching. This is why John is such an important gospel. If we want to understand Jesus’ teaching and how to live a life serving Him, John is the place to find that information. Other gospels cover these last hours of Jesus more extensively and you can look there if you want to know more. John does record that Jesus was taken before Caiphas and then to Pilate. He also records that Pilate considered Jesus had done nothing wrong. After all, there needs to be an acknowledgement by the chief human leader for the area that the sacrificial lamb is without blemish. John also records that Pilate tried to have Jesus released by asking the people if they wanted Jesus or Barrabas released. The people, egged on by the Jewish leaders, cry for Barrabas. Even after Pilate had Jesus brutally flogged, the people, again led by the Jewish leaders, demanded He be killed. So Pilate gave in. He, like Peter, was terrified of the consequences of being honest. He was terrified of killing Jesus, but he feared the people, and what they might do to him, more. No doubt Pilate carried the guilt of Jesus’ death for the rest of his life.
In contrast, Peter repented, was forgiven and lead the disciples, becoming the rock on which Jesus built His church.

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John 18:1-27
After three years of attempts to arrest Jesus that failed, because it was not time, the time has come. Jesus is arrested. Because His time has come, He accepts this and willingly submits to the being arrested. What follows is the three denials of Jesus by Peter. I can’t condemn him for that. I wonder if I would have done the same thing if I had found myself in that situation. How courageous are we when put in a situation where to acknowledge Jesus opens us up to ridicule? In some places this admission will lead to death. It is one thing to be prepared to face taunts and ridicule, but what if it might lead to death? This is what Peter risked. So maybe he lacked Daniel’s courage, maybe he had not yet reached that level of faith. I cannot condemn him because I have never been tested that way and have no idea if I would have the courage to acknowledge my faith. I am sure that if I was to deny Jesus, I would feel as low as Peter did when he realised what he had done.



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John 17
This entire chapter is such a wonderful template for prayer. Jesus was about to face the culmination of His life’s ministry and it was not going to be pleasant. What Jesus did was a template for the approach we should take when preparing for the challenging times we face when serving God.
First, He dedicated what He was about to do to God and asked that He be glorified, not to bring attention to Himself, but because n being glorified, Jesus would glorify God. When living our lives we should always seek to glorify God. Also, Jesus needed to be glorified in order for us to be saved. Jesus knew He had to fulfil God’s plan and He did what we all should do, He asked for God’s help. Jesus stepped out in faith to do God’s will.
Then Jesus prayed for the disciples. Good modelling for us but also continued in these words is a very beautiful expression of love. Jesus asked God to protect his disciples from the evil one (v15). As Jesus said, they were part of the world, but not of the world. We have to live in this world, but we are not of the world. What we need is to be protected from the world, and the prince of the world, satan. When Jesus prayed this beautiful prayer, He prayed for us as well as the disciples of the time. As He spoke in verse 20, His prayer was not just for His disciples but for all who would believe in Him through the message of the disciples. .
In verse 23 Jesus prayed for us to have complete unity with each other so that the world may see Jesus and God’s love. Many take this to be proof of the requirement for believers to go to church. But which church? Are the churches united in their work? Or are the churches divided on matters of doctrine and traditional observances? What is unified about even an individual church? The unity does not refer to one church, it refers to all believers who should be united by their love for Jesus and not bicker and argue about doctrine and scriptural interpretation. Jesus prayed for us to have unity, and we need to honour His prayer by being united with our fellow believers. When we go to heaven it is going to be all about Jesus and God, not about doctrine and difference.
Finally, Jesus turned His prayer back to God and His desire to fulfil God’s plan for His life, and for the life of all believers.
Praise Jesus for being such an example of how we should live our Christian lives, and for His unswerving commitment to fulfil God’s plan for His life. Without Jesus’ obedience, we would not be saved.

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