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The person who is not prepared to put in the hard work in life but dreams of greatness is a fool. That person is wiser in his own perception than seven wise people.
When you are tempted to interfere in other people’s business remember it will cause problems for you and will not be appreciated. Only interfere when you see someone being harmed.
The person who deliberately deceives his neighbour, then when caught claims he was only joking is like fuel to a fire.
Likewise, when you hear gossip don’t spread it. Make it stop with you. Refuse to hear it or refuse to pass it on if you cannot avoid hearing it. Do not act on it. Do not believe it. If you cast off that gossip and refuse to pass it on, it will stop.
The fool set on causing trouble is the fuel to a fire.
The gossip and slanderer finds his words delicious and presents them to others as delectable treats. But these words are deadly wounds to the victim of the gossip. These words go to the inmost parts of the victim and cause great pain and wounding. They will also wound you if you believe them and spread them.
The person who is sweet to your face and slanders you behind your back is like a broken, dirty old pot that has been tarted up with some flashy glaze.
Remember this person acts loving but is full of deceit and hatred. He has a silver tongue and is charming. You think he is nice and trustworthy. But beware. He is full of evil that God detests. He will appear loving but will be exposed in time. Just remember, that exposing will be in God’s time, not yours, so you may have to wait a long time. Just remember that God detests those lies. He does not condone them.
In time the traps this person sets for you will catch him up. But again that time is God’s time, not yours.
This man. This liar. Hates his victims and seeks to wound and crush them. And do not be fooled if he hides behind flattery. He seeks to destroy all the same.

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This section is about fools and the silliness that fools generate.
The fool is the one who does not avail themselves of God’s wisdom. The fool is the one who does not listen to others. The fool is the one who thinks they know everything and closes themself off to learning.
Fools do nothing to deserve honour.
Fools rush to make assumptions and judge. The fool may well decide you have done something wrong and curse you for it. Do not worry. The undeserved curse does not stick.
When a fool talks to you, don’t try to set them right or argue for the truth. If you do they will ignore you or argue with you and you will look foolish yourself. But when a fool demands an answer, do it simply to expose his foolishness. And remember, never entrust a message to a foolish person. They will get it wrong.
Be careful not to give trusted roles to a fool.
Be careful not to tell a fool anything confidential.
Be wary of the person convinced of their own greatness. That person is a fool.
Beware also the fool who is lazy.
Instead, seek wisdom, be humble, do not over inflate your abilities but graciously accept what you can do. Most of all seek God and seek to do His will. Then you will be wise.

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These proverbs speak of self-control, otherwise known as temperance. Temperance is often considered to mean abstinence, but it does not mean that. It means moderation. So these verses speak of self-control and temperance.
There are warnings here to eat moderately, especially when it comes to sweet things, lest we make ourselves sick. Here also is the warning to be temperate in our dealings with others. Particularly to not annoy your friends and neighbours by constant visits and phone calls. Respect your friends and neighbour’s need to have time to themselves.
Remember to heed the warnings on not gossiping or spreading lies about others. That is not an act of self-control and others will not see you as self-controlled either. So avoid that behaviour.
Likewise, the person who double crosses you. The person who quarrels. The person who spread contentions. All these are unpleasant and best avoided. Do not behave that way or people will avoid you.
Be careful to respect those who are sad or feeling down. Listen to them. Do not try to cheer them up or tell them not to be sad or offer one of those awful platitudes people in church communities are often very keen to say. Platitudes like “it is all for the best”.  “It is God’s will”. It may be God’s will but the sad person does not need to hear that. All they hear is you trying to shut them down. Be careful your discomfort does not control your mouth. Be self-controlled. Seek the best for the other person, not your own comfort. If you seek your own comfort you will cause pain to another person and that is not what God wants you to do.
Be gracious to your enemies. This is a hard one. When you are angry and hurt, or you have been wronged in some way, the last thing you want to do is be gracious to another person. But steal yourself and ask God for help. If your enemy is hungry give them food. If your enemy is thirsty give them a drink. By doing this you are heaping blessings from God on their heads. Your goodness in light of their sin against you is a wonderful witness of God’s love and it may have a positive effect on them. By being caring to your enemy you demonstrate forgiveness and please God.
Do not nag those you love or they will prefer to live elsewhere. Everyone deserves peace in their own home. Remember those you love and speak kindly to them. You will bring them peace and comfort to them.
Remember to have courage in your faith. Stand up to the wicked or evil person. If you give in to them you are not better than them and their sin is yours.
Exercise control in all aspects of life. Accept praise and acknowledge the good you do but do not make the pursuit of glory your god.
Remember the importance of self-control. Being without self-control is like being defenceless and disgraced.




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