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Psalm 119 121-128
The psalmist here is asking God for deliverance. He has lived as much as possible in a righteous and Godly way. He has championed justice and loved God. Now he asks for God to sustain him through the troubles of life. He seeks patience to wait for God’s deliverance. He asks God to deal with him according to His love and to teach the psalmist how to live. As he asks these things, the psalmist proclaims his love for God’s narrow way. He considers following God to be worth more than gold and admits he decision to follow God is based on his knowledge that God’s word is right.
Such an inspiration for us. We can follow God, just as the psalmist did, by living as much as possible in a righteous and Godly way. As for justice, well, you only need to read the first five books of the Bible and the Gospels to know that God places a high priority on social justice. Yet so often modern day Christians fail to administer social justice. Here in these verses it is the one thing mentioned that God requires. We need to put all else aside and love others because God loves them. We need to put social justice as being worth more than money or filling a prejudiced view of the world. We need to honour God by caring for those He loves also. We need to trust that God will deliver those we care for, and us as well, from injustice. As we wait, we will learn patience and increase our trust in God. Above all, seeking to serve God will deepen our understanding of the rightness of following God.
Following God does not require fancy learning or being able to theorise about aspects of the Bible. It requires simple trust and faith and a commitment to honour God and His love for others.

Posted By Nan

Psalm 119:113-120
Beware the double minded person who professes to follow Jesus but strays from the path. They like the idea of salvation but don’t want any of the work. They hide behind legalism and rules and manipulate and control others who challenge them. Their idolatry is so casual! So dangerous and seductive to the weak. They use the congregation as a vehicle for their personal power. They form cliques and gossip and intrigue about others. They determine who gets to do jobs in church despite God’s gifting. They worship power and position. Away from church they lead lives that do not reflect the way of life of one who follows on the narrow path. These are the lukewarm. The ones who may never have personally encountered God, but want to believe. Perhaps they once sought God, but now they are caught up in the organisation and think they are godly. Any observance of following God, one that requires circumcised hearts, is legalistic and contradictory. There is one law for them and one for everyone else. There is no love in what they do, but they may be masters at fake love.
As the psalmist says, avoid these people so they do not distract you from following God. Instead focus on how great God is. Tremble before Him in awe and Holy fear. Seek to know Him and seek to follow His direction for your life.

Posted By Nan

Psalm 119:105-112
Verse 105 is a very well known Bible verse. Your word is a lamp to my feet. But what does that look like in our lives? For me it is both a physical and spiritual light. Physically, God’s words help us to see where we are going by providing guidance and comfort. Spiritually, God shines a light in the darkness of our lives. Where there is evil, He shines a light and dispels the darkness. We can walk confidently through life by trusting God and by following His light.
Following that path involves more than just following a light. In order for that light to remain lit and in order for us to continue along the correct path we need to commit to God and resist the temptation to step off His path and follow another one. Remember that the other path has no light, even if it appears to. God only lights the path He wants us to walk on. And as we walk along that path, following His light we need to keep in mind that God can renew us and give us life. He promises us that. When things get hard, you need to trust God and ask for His help.
As you walk along the path, remember that God seeks a willing heart that speaks praise through obedient lips. This is the sacrifice of praise God loves to accept. The fruit of lips that confess His name.
Remember also that the path of life is a dangerous one. If you live in Jesus’ name and proclaim His message boldly you will put your life at risk. There are those who do not want you to love God. They will seek to lead you away from God’s path. You can choose to continue on that path and know that God is always available to help you stay on that path. All you need to do is ask.
Never forget that God’s testimony is our heritage and a cause for great rejoicing. Make that your source of happiness and joy. The walk on that path, with the lamp guiding your feet is one of happiness, joy and serenity. Even when the path is difficult and hard times hit you, joy is still available and happiness in God’s presence and His serenity and peace will always be there for you.
So make a decision to perform His statutes forever, even to the end. Always seek to do God’s will.

Posted By Nan

Psalm 119: 97-104
How wonderful to be like the psalmist. He is overjoyed at all God’s love has revealed to him. He is filled with reverence as he ponders God’s word all day long. His meditations on God’s word fill him with knowledge and wisdom. His knowledge and wisdom exceeds that of others because he has devoted so much time to contemplating God’s word. He walks through this life carefully, being mindful of all that happens around him so that he can honour God and not fall into sin. It is his aim to stay on the narrow path following Jesus. He finds that God’s word is the most desirable of all words. He is able to understand life because he focuses his attention on God and His word. He sees truth and despises things that are dishonest.
I have been studying some of the people in the past who have devoted their lives to living in remote places, spending all their time studying God. These people had such a deep understanding of God. Far deeper than is seen in many churches today and among many religious leaders. Sadly we have lost the art of separating ourselves from the world so that we can meditate on God. I hunger to know God deeper. That is why I love the words of this section. To have the time to walk that closely with God! Most of us only dream of it. In the meantime we do our best and grab the opportunities when they come. And for many of us, that is enough. But we need to be careful to make time and not fill our opportunities with other things. Then we can say “Oh how I love all you’ve revealed..” v97 The Message.

Posted By Nan

Psalm 119:89-96
God’s word stands forever.
How often do we actually stop and meditate on that fact? How often do we really understand the enormity of that fact? How often do we live our lives as though His word stands forever?
God established the earth. It may be subject to the decay of sin, but it stands fast. All of creation stands fast. All of creation, including the earth, follows the laws you set down. The natural laws, such as gravity, that govern how physical matter responds in creation. We cannot change them, although we try. We have never learned the lesson of the tower of Babel. We still try to climb to God instead of taking the route He designed for us. The route through Jesus.
God remembers us and is faithful to us. We perish and fail during hardships unless we remember God and hold fast to His faithfulness and His word.
I want to love God as much as this psalmist. He spoke of how God and His word was what gave him life. He spoke of how he was God’s. He urgently and fervently sought God and His word. He ignored those who waited to trap him. Nothing was as important as God.
All things that are human have an end. They have their limitations. Even those things we value as being honourable and done with good intentions are far from perfect. Only God can provide that which is perfect and without limitations.
It is easy in life to get caught up in what is going on around us. The intrigues and gossip. The nastiness and backstabbing. We do petty things to each other and are proud of what we have done. But we err. Those things are not of God and are not part of following Him. We need to cultivate the habit of handing those things to God and taking on His attitude towards them.
This past week I have witnessed some particularly nasty people try to destroy a small community group. They have served this group over many years and were even honoured with honorary membership. But they had turned this group into their own warped and vindictive empire. When the members removed them from control of the group they retaliated with much nastiness. Their latest efforts have been to attempt to cause the financial collapse of the group. It would be easy to get angry and hurt at their actions. But it is better to choose the way of God. So I took the issue to God in prayer. He promised he would stick by this group and showed me the sadness He feels for these people who are failing and perishing in the small mindedness and tragedy of a life lived without God. Because of my faith in God, it is easy for me to hand the problem to God and trust Him for the outcome. But sadly others who do not believe in God struggle to not feel overwhelmed by the nastiness of these people. They try to battle on their own because they don’t know that God will fight this battle. Never lose sight of God’s promises to be with us. Instead of perishing, remember God and hold fast to His faithfulness and His word. And in doing that, be a positive witness to others of God’s greatness.



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