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The 30 truths are continued.
16. If you have wise parents. Good parents. Parents who did not abuse you but instead raised you, in love, as well as they could. If these are your parents, respect and care for them. Be the best person you can be in God’s eyes. If you are that person, your parents will proud of you and so will God.
17. God wants you full attention. He wants you to do what He shows you. He wants you to avoid the corruption of this earth. The hedonistic pleasures that lead you away from God. The y rob you of the blessed life He has prepared for you.
18. Be wary of drinking to excess. The person who drinks to forget. The person who drinks for social ease. The person who drinks because they think it makes them look cool. That person has sadness in life. The alcohol or other drug encourages misery. It does not solve the problems the person seeks to hide. God warns us to judge alcohol by the hangover it leaves you with the next morning. Aim for no hangover. And be wary of the lifestyle that honours alcohol. That tells you to be a man you must drink heavily. Be wary of honouring alcohol more than God. Nothing should take the place of God.
God knows the pain you seek to forget with alcohol or drugs. He wants to heal you. He wants you to trust Him enough to allow Him to hold you as He heals your pain. If you block the pain, you block God from working in your life. You reject the gift of healing He has for you.
Know He loves you. He does not hate you. He wants your healing. Because He wants to bless you.

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The 30 truths are continued.
6.Do not be greedy, especially when someone is seeking your favour. Be wary because that person may be seeking to cause you to feel an obligation to do something for them and you may be trapped into doing something you shouldn’t do.
7.Be restrained in your pursuit of money. Seek to earn what God gives you and don’t get caught up in the pursuit of money in order to accumulate wealth. Don’t sell you soul to the devil in your pursuit of money. Remember that money is deceptive and can be lost at any time. It is also a deceiver that can lead you away from God. Remember Jesus’ words that man can serve only one master. Serving money will take you away from serving God. And if you are a member of a church that encourages you to accumulate wealth be wary. You cannot serve two masters. (Matthew 6:24)
8.Be wary of the one seeking to get rich because he will use you to get what he wants from you and then dump you. And he will not hesitate to abuse your trust and take advantage of you and leave you worse off. Spare yourself the pain.
9.Don’t waste your words on fools who are not interested in learning. They will not listen to you and will not change their point of view or learn from you. Instead focus on your own learning.
10.Don’t take advantage of those who, like orphans, are defenceless, God will punish you for your deceit, greed and injustice. God cares about social justice so don’t fool yourself that He condones such behaviour. He does not. Read the Old Testament, right back at the foundation books, and you will see God’s constant reiteration of the need for social justice. So don’t fill yourself with hate doctrine against people of other faiths or people whose sexuality is different from your own. Let God deal with others. Love them, love all people, and ensure social justice.
11.Seek wisdom and knowledge. Never scorn those who possess knowledge because you feel inferior to them. Accept who you are and seek the knowledge God wishes you to possess. And if those with more knowledge are arrogant about their knowledge, walk away and hand them to God. Remember the misuse of knowledge is the preserve of the fool. Do not fall into the trap of reading so called ‘christian’ books that twist God’s word. Instead, study the Bible and seek God for understanding.
12.Lovingly discipline your children. Attend to their needs and don’t neglect them. Show them the love God gives to all of us. Seek to teach them in love and don’t resort to satan’s punishments such as corporal punishment. And do not allow bitterness to develop in your heart.
13.As a parent and mentor delight in the evidence of wisdom taught to and accepted by children. Encourage them and let them know how well they are doing. Let them know seeking wisdom is good and praiseworthy and they will continue to seek God.
14.The world wants you to think a life of wisdom is a half life and one without enjoyment. But the world lies. God is your future. They way of the world leads to death and destruction. What the world calls enjoyments does not bring the pleasure God’s joy, and a life in His presence, does.
15.Observe moderation in the way you live your life and avoid the extremes of binge drinking and over indulgence in any life activities. If you find what you do leads to addictive behaviour seek help from God and a qualified counsellor. (in that order). When I saw seek help from God I do not mean seek help from another person. Pray and ask God for help and guidance to lead you to the correct person to help you. Do not allow the need your addiction seeks to meet ruin you life. God has a better plan for you.
Continued in the next blog.

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The writer of Proverbs pauses here to review what he has already written. Perhaps he thinks people are growing bored and have stopped listening. Or that they have forgotten why they should desire wisdom
He wants us to treasure the words of God’s wisdom. To bury them in our hearts. To treasure them. To see their true value and delight in contemplating the beautiful wisdom of God. This beautiful gift of God. To speak confidently of this wisdom, without hesitation. To ensure you trust God who gives you wisdom. Who is wisdom.
Then he wants us to take note of 30 truths that will guide us to remain rooted in God.
1.Do not take advantage of the poor. Don’t under pay them, cheat them, take them to court where you will win because you have the money for silver tongued lawyers and they don’t, or do anything that seeks to harm them. God will defend them and He will take what you have taken from them, their life, and return it to them. Do not think you will escape punishment. Remember, no amount of pious words uttered in church on a Sunday and no amount of exalted church positions you hold, will protect you from this punishment.
2.Be careful who you mix with. You will develop the attitude of those whose company you keep. Especially avoid the angry hotheads who do not know how to deal with their anger in a healthy way. In similar fashion, avoid those who profess to love God but speak words of hate. They will lead you away from the love of God and lead to your downfall.
3.Don’t gamble on the promise of an elusive win. Whether that involves the act of gambling or taking risks not sanctioned by God. You will lose if you take those risks.
4.Don’t steal what belongs to others. God has given those things to the other person and it is His right alone to take it back. Hand your resentment and desires to God and wait for Him. And if He says you may not have those things too, then accept that is His will for your life.
5.Finally, when you work, be honest and diligent. Don’t allow others to take advantage of your and honour your need for self care. But make sure you do your job honestly and with the desire to complete the tasks. Remember that honesty and diligence does not mean working more than your allotted work hours or taking work home. Nor does it allow your employer to take advantage of you. Nor does it involve you over striving to achieve perfection. God wants you to work to the best of your ability to complete tasks. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I will continue a discussion of the 30 truths in the next blog.

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This section speaks of the importance of training our children in the ways of wisdom. The way of training is the way we read of in Ephesians 6v4 which admonishes parents not to provoke their children to anger and resentment through their actions but instead to raise their children with tenderness in training them in the discipline and counsel of God. Children need to learn from their parents the wisdom of seeking God.
It is important to teach your children:

  • that the rich rule over the poor and to be careful not to borrow from them.
  • that the wicked in life use their power to oppress others. So do not seek to be like that, because God will bring disaster on the wicked and take away their power.
  • that using power to oppress your spouse is wrong and God will punish them severely for that. Forget the unBiblical teaching that claims a man can do what he wants to his wife and she must obey him. The Bible does not say that. It asks women to choose to submit to the husband who puts her needs above those of his own. If he doesn’t and he abuses her, God does not require her to stay.
  • to remember also that the person who mocks, insults, argues and causes strife will be removed and no one will miss them. In contrast, the pure of heart person who is gracious, generous hearted and wise is respected.
  • that God watches over knowledge and frustrates the words of those who do not seek it.
  • and finally, God warns that the person who seeks favour with the rich and the person who makes wealth by underpaying their workers, especially those who are poor, both these sinful types will come to poverty. They already possess poverty of spirit. God may bring them to poverty in life or in death. Whenever it happens, it will not be pleasant for those wicked people.

Be pure of heart and a lover of wisdom. Let your child see how much you love God and teach them the joy of a personal relationship with God. Teach your child in love. Your child will grow up and may test the limits of what you have taught them. And they need to do that. They need to meet and know God themselves. Without an intermediary. If you have taught your child well and encircled them in prayer, God will watch over them and bring them to Himself in His perfect time.




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